Harvard University Libraries has an Archivists’ Toolkit Working Group investigating use of AT in Harvard’s archival repositories. Homepage for the group is at


See especially the beta test feedback summary. Overall conclusion: “powerful application with great potential,” but significant areas of concern, especially in accessioning, location management, and lack of flexibility in creation of finding aids.


The Kansas State Historical Society (http://www.kshs.org) is currently evaluating the relative usefulness and capabilities of three open source archives management software applications:

ARCHON – http://www.archon.org/

Archivists’ Toolkit – http://www.archiviststoolkit.org/

ICA AtoM – http://archivemati.ca/category/ica-atom/

If you have any experience with any of these packages, or can suggest special evaluation criteria we should apply, please let us know by either adding your comment(s) here or emailing Kate Rogge at krogge@kshs.org.

We’ll post our evaluation results (and any significant discoveries along the way) on this blog.